There are four sentences in the 24 chapters of the Sutra of Dharma sentences, which are like the breeze and the dew floating in the heart, making people feel like they are holding the top of their heads. These four sentences reveal a profound and incisive philosophy of life. Every time you chew, you will have experience and harvest. Just like the sunshine in winter, it warms our hearts. 1、 Health is the best interest Sometimes people really don't know what to seek? Often the most worthy of maintenance and precious things ignored, but did not know to pick sesame lost watermelon. At present, many people are overdrawing their health and burning their lives. Often, they are in a sub-health state prematurely because they are busy at work, have too many social activities, don't pay attention to their lifestyle, don't pay attention to exercise and cherish themselves. Generally can't stand to see a doctor, physical problems and retirement to maintain and exercise. It is often not until the health status is no longer good that I think of to cherish and maintain. In fact, if we destroy our bodies too early, what's the use of more external things? "The Great Wall is still here, not the first emperor of Qin.". The richest people in the world are often unable to buy back their health. I think no matter what I do or what I do, health is still the first interest to be safeguarded. We don't even have ourselves. What else? 2、 Contentment is the best property The sinful nature of human nature lies in discontent. It's not that you can't fill in a word. Now some people want to taste almost all the living things when they eat on the ground and in the sky. There are also some people who are greedy for millions and tens of millions, to the point where they are addicted to money like life. However, when money reaches a certain level, it's just a bunch of numbers, and it's turned into a number of people who are nervous and restless. There are still some people who do not have much leadership ability and level, nor do they have many real achievements for the common people. They are eager to climb up. They are often choosy about their posts, have no correct understanding of themselves, and feel that everyone is sorry for him. Of course, how to understand "satisfaction". In a big way, we should not be satisfied with social development and progress; in a small way, we should not be satisfied with personal cultivation and improvement. I think the contentment mentioned here should be contentment. Contentment is always happiness. That is to say, we should have a correct understanding of ourselves and a reasonable degree of control and discretion. After all, personal ability is limited. We can only do what we can. People's desire can never be satisfied, everything should be enough. Don't touch things that are not your own or shouldn't be touched. If you touch something, it will burn your hands. If you touch something more, it's still you. 3、 Trust is the best fate